Integrated APA102C RGB Pixel LED

1. CMOS process,low voltage,low consumption

2. Synchronization of two-lane

3. Choose positive output or negative RGB three-color LED output

4. 8-bit (256 level)color set, 5-bit (32 level) brightness adjustment

5. Build 20 mA constant current output

6. With self-detection signal build in support for continuou soscillation PWM output

7. Widely to make dotstar led strips, dotstar matrixs that used in entertainment, stage, live performance,etc

8. Support Arduino, Glediator, SD card controller, DMX,Artnet, MADRIX NEBULA, etc









More Details.

1. APA102c RGB Intelligent LED is new design based on most popular ws2812b RGB leds.

2. In contrast to the SK6812 and WS2812B LEDs which use a specialized one-wire ( data) control interface and require strict timing, the APA102C RGB LED use a standard SPI interface for control (with separate data and clock signals) and has no specific timing requirements, making it much easier to control.

3. APA102C RGB LED has an additional 5-bit brightness control register that allows the brightness of each pixel to be adjusted independently of its color.

4. Each APA102c RGB LED acts like a shift register, reading incoming color data on the input pins, and then shifting the previous color data out on the output pin.

5. With much faster protocl than WS2812b RGB LEDs 800 KHz protocol.

6. APA102c RGB LED has 20 KHz PWM rate that you won’t see pixelation than ws2812b leds PWM rate happens 400 Hz, which works well but is noticably at lower brightnesses.

7. APA102C has a clone product named SK9822, this SK9822 has extremly similar with APA102C.

Related Products.

2048 pixels K-1000C RGB RGBW pixel led tapes controller

2048 pixels K-1000C RGB RGBW pixel led tapes controller

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1. SD card offline controller

2. 1-port output 2048 pixels max

3. DC5V-24V working

4. Add a display based on old version

5. Add more IC chips + DMX512 chips

6. Comes with DMX512 chips write address code function

7. 2020 Lededit software

8. Support our all led digital strips, led pixel lights,etc

1. This K-1000c sd card led controller 2048 pixels is evolution of our classic T-1000s + K-1000D two controllers funtion together.

2. The controller has single port output that can support up to 512/2048 pixels lights(DMX lights can support up to 512 pixels).

3. Improve functions that support load lamp is 4 channels (RGBW) pixels, enhanced 485 TTL and 485 differential (DMX) signal output.

4. Controller support chip can lock the support IC in software, or not lock the support IC in the software, select the support IC through the controller CHIP button, more flexible and convenient.

5. Comes with a 256MB SD card included. This version support 2GB sd card that old ones couldn’t.

6. For the DMX lighting IC, the controller comes with write address function; In addition, with use of 2016 LedEdit-K V3.26 or later edition can make one key write address function setting.

7. The controller can single set use,also multiple controllers cascade, cascade optical isolation mode: interference, better stability, cascade distance between two controllers can reach up to 150 meters, need to use 0.5 square meters pure copper power cord.

8. Controller comes with the test effects were as follows: 1 red, green, blue and black jump; 2 red, green, blue and black gradient; 3 red, green, blue and goes.

9.Note: To copy files to SD card, you must first format to the SD card. SD card must be formatted as “FAT” format.

Compatible with wide range of addressable LED chipsets:














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DMX512/1990 convert SPI data pixel decoder

DMX512/1990 convert SPI data pixel decoder

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1. Standard DMX512 protocol,Address can be set by DIP.

2. This DMX512 decoder can control LED lights based on following driving ICs: LPD6803, LPD1101, D705, UCS6909, UCS6912, LPD8803, LPD8806, TM1803, TM1804, TM1809, TM1812, UCS1903, UCS1909, UCS1912, UCS2903, TLS3001, TLS3002, WS2801, WS2803, WS2811, P9813 IC etc.

3.Automatically adapt input voltage DC5V-24V.

4.Self-Changing Mode exist.

5. Output is SPI / TTL Signal.

1. The DMX512 Data Decoder adopted the advanced decoding technology to convert the international standard DMX512/1990 signal into standard SPI signals like LPD6803/LPD8806/ TM1809/P9813/TLS3001/WS2801/WS2811/WS2812bTM1814/SK6812 signals.

2. each decoder has 96/510DMX output channels, and the output channels can be expanded by adding decoders.

3. most of LED lights can be controlled by DMX512/1990 protocol via the signal conversion, then widely used pixel light, digital tube light, floodlight, pixel screen, dancing

4. If need any specs, feel free to tell us please

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DMX512 RGB RGBW LED strips address mark writer

DMX512 RGB RGBW LED strips address mark writer

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1. This DMX address writer mainly for the DMX512 IC chip we produce

2. It support standard DMX512 protocol A, B ; signle DMX512 protocol A

3. After DMX address mark ready, program inside can test the address mark if correct

4. UCS512 A,B chip need to connect the PI cable to the DMX address coder

5. UCS512 C3/C4 chip no need to connect the PI cable to the DMX address coder

1. This is a DMX address code writer mainly for the DMX512 IC chip we produce like standard DMX512 A,B or single DMX512 protocol A strips.

2. Different DMX512 IC chip lighting different colors after DMX address write ready.

3. UCS512 A,B chip led strips lighting blue color when finish to write DMX address.

4. UCS512 C3/C4 chip led strip lighting white color when the DMX address write finished.

5. We have a video to show you how to write the DMX address based on different DMX512 IC chip you choose.

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Pixel LED Multi-function Digital Slave Controller

Pixel LED Multi-function Digital Slave Controller

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1. Multi-function Digital LED slave Controller

2. With 4 output ports, each port load 512 pixels,2048 pixels maximum

3. Support DMX512 protocol + SPI /TTL protocl IC chips

4. Connect main-controllers to work together

5. On-line is work with Madrix software

6. Off-line controller, program saved in SD card, 15 files maximum

7. Widely used in all DMX512 led products projects

8. There are 8 ports LED slave controller to choose

1. Multi-function Digital Controller. Two control model: Control online mainly means DMX512; Control offline mainly means normal SPI/TTL IC chips.

2. IP address settings on the main controller;

3. Controller with 2G SD card, program saved in SD card for offline playback;

4. Using Fast Ethernet, TCP / IP communication protocol, host connectivity LED controller via standard network cable;

5. Each slave controller has four output ports, a single port output control 512 pixels;

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