12V Addressable RGB 60Leds pixel led tape

1. 12V addressable RGB 60 Pixel LED Digital Strip

2. DC12V, 8W/M

3. 10mm width White /Black FPCB

4. Double signal wire, break-point resume function

5. 3M adhesive tape on backside of non-waterproof tape

6. Support K-1000C/ K-8000C/ YM-501 /DMX512 control/MADRIX NEBULA,Artnet

7.Compatiable with SK6813,WS2815 RGB pixel led strip tape









More Details.

1. This strip is addressable 12V RGB 60 Pixel LED Digital Strip that different with addressable 5V RGB led pixel strips like sk6812/ws2812b or ws2813. Actually the protocol is compatible with WS2811 RGB ones.

2. We choose GS8208 RGB LED which it is an intelligent control LED light source that the control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a package of 5050 components. Its internal include intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping amplification drive circuit.

3.You can think this addressable 12V GS8208 60 LED strip is the updated version of sk6812, ws2812b.

4. There are 12V addressable 30 pixels,12V 90 pixels and 12V 144 pixels digital led strips to choose.Also, we have high brightness external IC 12V GS8208 addressable 60 pixel LED strip to choose.

5. Vivid lighting performance operated by Arduino, Raspberry Pi , Madrix software, Artnet / DMX512 /MADRIX NEBULA.

6. Why 2 data signal? it is for led strip one led is broken , another data still can work ,unless 2 next led Two successive LED is broken then the led strip can not working . This GS8208 addressable 12V can make the led strip one is broken will not affect another led working.

7. There no without demo inside integrated GS8208 LED

8. Widely used in entertainment, stage, live performance, Disco Club and TV Show, etc

Related Products.

YM-501 Pixel LED Multi-function Digital Controller

YM-501 Pixel LED Multi-function Digital Controller

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1. Multi-function Digital Controller

2. With 4 output ports, each port load 512 pixels,2048 pixels maximum

3. Support DMX512 protocol + SPI /TTL protocl IC chips

4. Connect sub-controllers when product is DMX512 chips that on-line

5. On-line is work with Madrix software

6. Click buttons or remoter to control program models, speed

7. Off-line controller, program saved in SD card, 15 files maximum

8. Widely used in all DMX512 led products projects

1. Multi-function Digital Controller. Two control model: Control online mainly means DMX512; Control offline mainly means normal SPI/TTL IC chips.

2. IP address settings: with LCD display, no DIP switch design, all IP and MAC is set to be completed by the key;

3. Controller with 2G SD card, program saved in SD card for offline playback;

4. Using Fast Ethernet, TCP / IP communication protocol, host connectivity LED controller via standard network cable;

5. Each controller has four output ports, a single port output control 512 pixels;

6. This multip function LED cotroller have master controller function too, that on-line can be cascaded to 16 sub-controllers, 31 units can be cascaded off of control maximum;

7 Grayscale settings: Customers can never light gray under the circumstances to 65,536 (64K) adjust the gray, LED lights let you achieve the best display effect;

8. Brightness adjustment: 100 automatic brightness adjustment function allows you to adjust the display brightness is more effective;

9. EMC design, with good anti-jamming capability;

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2048 pixels T-1000S RGB pixel led tapes controller

2048 pixels T-1000S RGB pixel led tapes controller

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1. SD card offline controller

2. Single-port output 2048 pixels

3. DC5V-24V working

4. Support 256MB sd card

5. Lededit software

6. Control led pixel stripe tapes, led amusement lights

1. The programmable T1000s sd card led controller 2048 pixels makes controlling your LED displays easy. Compatible with wide range of addressable LEDs and DMX signal communication protocol.

2. Perfect addressable LED solution for people who don’t want to programme Arduino or other controllers. No programming code required.

3. Using the programmes LEDedit 2016 or Glediator lets you draw your LED patterns visually, you can specify how the LEDs are arranged, preview them, then upload to an SD card. The SD card plugs into the controller and displays your pattern. You can even upload video for your LEDs to display!

Comes with a 256MB SD card included.

Note: To copy files to SD card, you must first format to the SD card. SD card must be formatted as “FAT” format.

Compatible with wide range of addressable LED chipsets:












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SP107E Bluetooth LED Music Pixel Controller

SP107E Bluetooth LED Music Pixel Controller

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1. Long distance APP remote control via Blutooth

2. Support almost every kind of one-wire or two-wires LED driver IC

3. Support setting pixel number and segment number, support up to 960 pixels

4. With 18 kinds of LED strip music effects, 30 kinds of LED matrix music effects and 180 kinds of non-music effects

5. DC5V~24V wide range working voltage, reverse power supply input protection

6. User setting saving

1. Download and install the APP:
Both IOS version and Android OS version are available. (hardware should support Bluetooth)
•Requires IOS version 10.0 or later;
•Requires Android OS version 4.4 or later;
•Search “LED Chord” in App Store or Google Play or scan this QR code to download and install the APP;

2. Instructions:
APP Operatings:
1.Make sure you have turn on Bluetooth on your phone;
2.Open the APP, drag to refresh the device list, select device name “SP107E” to connect the controller, once connected you will able to rename your
3.Select RGB order and IC type;
4.Adjust pixel number;
5.Press ENTER.
Audio Input:
There are two ways to input the audio signal on SP107E, AUX IN and Build-IN microphone;
•AUX IN: Plug the supplied audio split cable into the “AUX IN” jack, connect the audio output source(MP3,Phone or tablet…)and the speaker(or
headset), controller will automatically switch into AUX input mode;
•MIC: Disconnect the audio cable, controller will automatically switch into microphone input mode.

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DMX512 RGBW RGBTW Pixel LED strips DMX address writer

DMX512 RGBW RGBTW Pixel LED strips DMX address writer

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Single ColorRGBRGBW

1. This DMX address writer mainly for the DMX512 IC chip pixel LED strips we produce

2. It support standard DMX512 protocol A, B ; signle DMX512 protocol A

3. After DMX address mark ready, program inside can test the address mark if was correct

4. This multi-functional DMX512 address writer no need to connect the addressable cable like PI or PO in led strips

5. Support multi DMX512 IC chips like UCS512, GS8512 ,Hi512,and other DMX512 IC chips

6. Support standard RDM protocol

7. With the color picking function of the color palette, you can select a color value in the palette for control, and support multiple four-color modes

1. This is our new DMX512 address code writer mainly for the DMX512 IC chip pixel LED strips we produce like standard DMX512 A,B or single DMX512 protocol A strips.

2. Different DMX512 IC chip lighting different colors when DMX512 address write ready. Like the DMX512 RGBW led strips play white color.

3. This is new DMX address writer that support multi DMX512 IC chips like UCS512, GS8512 ,Hi512,and other DMX512 IC chips.

4. Compared to the button version DMX address writer, this DMX address writer is touch version. 

5. Finished to write DMX address, we can choose the demo program inside to test the DMX address if was correct . 

6. Support RDM protocol. It support search for RDM lamps, statically detect, write DXM512 address through UID, etc.

7. With the color picking function of the color palette, you can select a color value in the palette for control, and support multiple four-color modes that old verison couldn't. 

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