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Discuss the individually address 12- 24V RGBW LED Pixel tapes

Recently, there are lots of customers asked us if we can produce the addressable 12V / 24V RGBW Pixel LED tapes like other vendors. Our answer always is one word: NO. 

Today let's talk something on the individually address 12V -24V RGBW Pixel LED Tapes. 

As we known, the pixel LED strip is mainly made of the IC chips , PCB , LEDs, components, whether is external RGBW pixel led tapes or the integrated RGB(W)led pixel strips.

In theory, the tapes working voltage is decided by the voltage of the diodes inside LEDs and the voltage of the IC chips. 

  • External Pixel LED tapes series:      
    • Voltage: 
      • The pixel LED tapes are mainly the 5050 series LEDs. So, let's take 5050 LEDs as an example, the diodes inside this LED, the voltage of color diodes is below:
        • Green,Blue,White are 3V.  
        • Red is 2V. 
      • Most IC chips are 5V -28V voltage. UCS2903, UCS2904, UCS2905, UCS8903, UCS8904, UCS9812 , SM16703, SM16704, SM16812, UCS512 C4, UCS512 G6, TM1814, LB1934, FW1906, FW1834, GS8206B, WS2801, WS2811, WS2818, etc. 

Based on above rules,  adjust the output voltage of the IC chip via resistors: 

  • 5V Pixel RGB/RGBW led strips, then it is one IC chip to run one LED. it is 1 led per pixel. 
  • 12V Pixel RGB/RGBW led tape, in theory, the LEDs should be 3 pcs or 4 pcs grouped by one IC chip.  it is 3 /4 leds per pixel. 
  • 24V Pixel RGB/RGBW led tapes, the LEDs should be 6 pcs or 7 pcs controlled  by one IC chip in theory.it is 6/7 leds per segment. 

Noted : 
There are few other external IC chips that only can worK single voltage like 12V named GS8208B, GS8512. So, GS8208B and GS8512 led strips are 12V individually address, this is determined by the GS8208B , GS8512 specs. 

  • Integrated Pixel LED tapes series:  
    • 5V working voltage, like APA102C, SK6812 RGB, SK6812 RGBW, SK6813, SK9822, SK9826, WS2812b, WS2813. 
    • 12V working voltage, such as GS8208B, SK6813-P6, WS2815. 
    • 24V working voltage, due to the limited IC chip assemble technology, there still no 24V integrated LEDs come out. 

You would be confused this, why there no 12V integrated RGBW LEDs come out yet. Actually I do not have any ideas on the IC chip assemble technology, you might get some help from IC factory. 

Now let's back to our thematic, why other vendors can produce the individually address 24V RGB pixel led strips, even 12V or 24V RGBW pixel led tapes. But why our answer is NO ?

The reason is not  no abilitity to make, it mainly is the confusing concepts. 

The mainly factor is the DC-DC circult, DC24V down to DC5V.

You can see, the working voltage is DC12V - DC24V. If you can check carefully, it is not each LED has soldering pads. It is 6 LEDs per pads. You couldn't cut each LED individually. 

DC24V down to DC5V viA DC-DC chip on PCB circult, sample schematic below for reference, Hi9204  

Hi9204 current efficiency curve: 

  • Hi9204 DC-DC Chip Advantages:

  1. The input voltage can be 5V - 65V . 

  2. 1.2A peak output current. 

  3. PWM requence up to 400KHZ.

  4. Fast transient response and ultra-low standby power consumption, less than 0.1μA current. 

  • Hi9204 DC-DC Chip Shortcomings:

  1. This DC - DC chip, only support sustained < 0.6A current output. 

  2. The LEDs couldn't be cut individually. 

  3. PCB width at least 10mm , couldn't make less than 10mm width PCB. 

  4. Bulk heat generation. 

  • Hi9204 DC-DC Chip Cautions: 

  1. When this Hi9204 DC-DC for the DC24V-DC5V , should noted the current output. 

  2. Noted the heat generation on PCB.  

  3. The DC24V - DC5V circult , support smaller length because of the sustained < 0.6A current output. 

  4. Choose the extra DC24V down to DC5V PCB board to connect the 5V addressable SK6812 RGB or SK6812 RGBW LED strips. This solution is mainly for the rigid video pixel bar. 

Wish above info is not confused you. 

If have any info should be updated or revised, tell us freely. 

Best regards from Art LED Team