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FW1906 IC Pixel Protocol Overview

There are many versions of RGBW LED tapes which contain analog RGBW LED tapes, 5-in-1 RGBTW led tapes and digital RGBW LED pixel tapes in our web. Maybe you can find some digital 5-in-1 digital RGBTW LED tapes like the DMX512 version and SPI version.

So, today we mainly discuss this SPI version digital 5-in-1 RGBWW LED tapes named FW1906 IC RGBWW led pixel tape

This FW1906 IC chip was designed by Titan Micro Electronics Co. in China. It uses a SPI protocol to drive IC pixel chips. From its pins define, we can see it exist double RGB channels, 6 channels. But what the most interested us is this FW1906 IC could run double RGB, to make 5 channels or 6 channels solutions than classicial single RGB or RGBW solutions. This FW1906 comes in a SOP10 package, allowing us for more flexibility with LED solutions.

FW1906 Technical Specifications:

Data Type Data only, NO Clock
Color Resolution  8 bits
Assemble package  SOP10
RGB  Yes
Output Voltage  10-24V
Output Current  18mA
PWM Rate   2.6KHZ
Refresh Rate  up to 82 fps
Data transfer Speed  800kbps

FW1906 Advantages:

  • Very High PWM rate 2.60KHZ allows for filming the pixels with 82fps appromately.
  • Drive 6 colors LED allowing for tones that were previously hard to achieve with single RGB strip.
  • RGB and White and other two colors ( any other single color) can be independently controlled to allows us to create bolder and more vibrant colors than with RGB alone.
  • FW1906 IC have extand constant current function, to be 51mA maximum.
  • FW1906 could get desired current value and precisely constant current with a larger current.

FW1906 Shortcomings:

  • 8 bits of color resolution, 256 grayscale for each color makes dimming curves less smooth.
  • No Clock data line  restricts refresh rate to be limited by the protocol speed, which will generally be slow.
  • 18mA current / channel which is higher than the normal ones like UCS1903,UCS2904,WS2811,etc.
  • FW1906 IC get desired current value , should be work with the LED controller software to work together . 

FW1906 Cautions:

  • Due to the FW1906 IC have double R-G-B pins, not the R-G-B-W1-W2-W3 pins separately, so maybe a little difficult to make the programs that you want. 
  • When you have problems to make the programs for FW1906 IC via MADRIX , you can tell us freely.

If you have any info should be updated, tell us freely.

Best regards from Art LED Team