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SK9822 RGB Pixel Protocol Overview

Last article we talked the SK6812 RGBW pixel protocol which is dedicated to RGBW solution. Today, we discuss another integrated pixel chip protocol which is one of the most common protocols for pixel lighting displays that has a super higher PWM rate, named SK9822 RGB LED

SK9822 RGB led,this pixel protocol was designed by OPSCO in China in 2015 year. It is SPI protocol too.

While SK9822 RGB is the evolutionary version of SK6822,with a CLOCK line to achieve faster refresh rates and improved optics to achieve a higher PWM rate. That's the reason why SK9822 is one of the most famous protocols accros the world.

As maybe you would noted from us, SK9822 is a clone of APA102 (C). Yes, you're right. SK9822 is the clone of APA102 (C) series from APA comapny in Taiwan. So, SK9822 offers nearly same features as APA102C . 

SK9822 RGB LED comes out integrated in a 5050 SMD package, which provides a small physical footprint for each pixel. 

SK9822 Technical Specifications:

Data Type With DATA, CLOCK
Color Resolution 8 bits
assemble package Integrated 5050
Output Voltage 5V
Output Current R/G/B:12mA
PWM Rate 4.60KHZ
Refresh Rate up to 150 fps
Data transfer Speed 800kbps

SK9822 Advantages:

  • High PWM rate 4.60KHZ allows for filming the pixels with 150fps appromately.
  • Presence of a CLOCK line allows for faster refresh rate.
  • Integrated 5050 LED, it is availble to offer high density individually address RGB led tapes.
  • SK9822 have RGB and White versions.

SK9822 Shortcomings:

  • 8 bits of color resolution, 256 grayscale for each color makes dimming curves less smooth.
  • Integrated LEDs have NOT good heat dissipation ability compared to the external IC chip solutions .
  • Limited to 5V, bigger voltage drop.

SK9822 Cautions:

  • Must be installed in a good heat dissipation conditions.

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