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UCS2904 IC Pixel Protocol Overview

When you scan our web, you can find we upload many versions of RGBW LED tapes which contain analog RGBW LED tapes and digital RGBW LED pixel tapes

Today, we discuss an IC pixel chip protocol named UCS2904 from our major digital RGBW led strips

This UCS2904 IC chip acutally model is UCS2904B which was designed by UCS New Technology Co. in China. It uses a SPI protocol to drive IC pixel chips. While UCS2904 offers all the same features as its RGB version, UCS2903, but what the most interested us is this UCS2904 IC could run 4 channels that control one more channel than classicial RGB solutions. This UCS2904 comes in a SOP8 package, allowing us for more flexibility with LED solutions. 

UCS2904 Technical Specifications:

Data Type Data only, NO Clock
Color Resolution 8 bits
assemble package SOP8
Output Voltage 5-24V
Output Current 17mA/Channel
PWM Rate 1.80KHZ
Refresh Rate up to 60 fps
Data transfer Speed 800kbps


UCS2904 Advantages:

  • Very High PWM rate 1.80KHZ allows for filming the pixels with 60fps appromately.
  • Drive 4 colors LED allowing for tones that were previously hard to achieve with single RGB strip.
  • RGB and White ( any other single color) can be independently controlled to allows us to create bolder and more vibrant colors than with RGB alone.


UCS2904 Shortcomings:

  • 8 bits of color resolution, 256 grayscale for each color makes dimming curves less smooth.
  • No Clock data line  restricts refresh rate to be limited by the protocol speed, which will generally be slow.
  • No more than 17mA / channel like UCS2903 can be 60mA maximum.


UCS2904 Cautions:

  • Very Similar with the SK6812 RGBW Protocol / SM16704 Protocol, but couldn't work together with those IC chips. 


If you have any info should be updated, tell us freely.

Best regards from Art LED Team