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What Pixel Software should I choose to program the LED Pixels

When it comes to working with LED lighting , the sheer volume in the variety like led pixel tapes ,led pixel lights or other series pixel products, the first thing is always to get these pixel products working properly.

Once the led pixels proceed to respond to the incoming data from controllers or drivers, in fact these led pixels are playing some "command" across your led pixels.

But the question is , what "command" do I run, how we can write the "command", and can we make this happen from a conventional way of controlling like connect to the LED controllers directly?  

In this article, we are going to discuss this to help you to control the led pixels on your hands.

Step 1: Layout LED pixels

Of course, firstly you’ve led pixel tapes that you’re going to play programs, no matter for the SPI signal led pxiels or the DMX512 signal pixels. Furthermore, you’ve got an idea of how you’re going to lay these led pixels out, in another words, it is LED Pixels connection diagram.

If you didn’t know how to lay the pixels out correctly, there were two kind of famous software named AutoCAD, CORELDRAW that are available to lay the led pixels very well.

But as far as we know now, there are many software comes with this layout function that no need extra software to layout pixels, this would be much convenient, you could go ahead too.

Step 2: LED Pixel Lighting controller choices

When the first step layout pixels has finished, then write command will proceed across the suitable software.

Before we choose the software, you should know what context inside the controller you want to play. While a wide variety of controller types exist, For this article we are focusing particularly on four very distinct controllers, which are listed below:

SPI lighting controller

  • K-1000C,K-8000C series controllers, Lededit this pixel software is your best choices .
  • YM 501 series controllers from YUMING VISION , software is LedEasy when off-line.
  • H802 serise, H803 series controllers, Here it is LED build.

Above controllers and software are domestic version, there must exist other brand controllers and software in your local area, you can get the correct software from the controller’s vendors.

DMX lighting controller

Also known as media server for specialized in LED Pixel Lighting. Maybe this media server concept you are confused, but you must be familiar with those a variety of kind of software like MADRIX, MADMAPPER, ARKAOS, etc.

in the case of lighting pixels, these media servers are indicated to output both to pixels and video displays. So a media server that can pixel map and output to networked DMX that our pixel drivers can then receive.

So, working the LED pixels with these media server together, it is a not easy work. 

Lighting console

Depending on the console you have, two ways you can go ahead. One is you can play chasing and other special effects generated with your console’s effects engine.

This way has a shortcoming is you're going to be fairly limited as to the complexity. 

But if you're able to pixel map inside of your console via a professional-grade lighting software, you can do just about anything that is possible with the LED pixel lights themselves, it just may take a while. 

Open-source electronic prototyping platform

These open-source electronic prototyping platform, Like Arduino, Raspberry pi are the most popular accross the world.

Step 3: Start running you LED Pixels

Here now we think you have some ideas of the various methods of controlling your pixels.

Decide on which method of control is suitable for you.  Note please, even if you start with simple control , you can always upgrade later to a full media server.

If you have any info should be updated, tell us freely.

Best regards from Art LED Team