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DMX512 RGBW LED strips overview

What is DMX512 ?

DMX512 is a standard protocol for digital communication networks that are normally used to control color changing LED applications like stage lighting. 

That means continuously transmits the 512 channel values via data cables. 


What's the meaning of DMX address ?

The first thing before we start to light DMX512 led fixtures is to mark address  fixtures, like DMX512 RGBW led strips, DMX512 par lights.

Why ? Because the DMX address is the location of 512 channels where the strips will begin responding to DMX controller.


How to mark the DMX addresses of the DMX512 fixtures, you should confirm the LED strips channels you got. Like 1 channel, 3 channels and 4 channels. 

We have a simple video to show you how to write the DMX address to DMX LED strips via our DMX adress writer


What DMX512 LED products do we have?

We have many version DMX512 RGBW LED digital tapes from 5V to 24V which density is from 32 leds/m to 120 leds/m. same are the DMX512 RGB LED products.


From our web, you can find our DMX512 RGBW LED strips mainly are double DMX512 signal wire A,B which is TTL 485 signal. 

But the 12V addressable DMX512 RGB and 12V addressable DMX512 RGBW LED strips, we use the latest LED package that DMX512 IC chip integraged 5050 package which only has single DMX512 signal wire A. 


What are the differences between DMX512 and SPI? 

  • DMX512 signal is parallel transimission like parallel circuit;  SPI signal is series transimisstion. 
  • DMX512 not only have standard TTL 485 signal which has double signal wire A,B , but also only single signal wire A which is cheaper than the standard ones;
  • SPI have single DAT cables like ws2812b ,sk6812.  Double signal cables with DAT and Clock are available like SK9822, WS2801;
  • DMX512 has a concept named Universe, SPI no this concept;
  • DMX512 RGBW LED strips connect to DMX controller directly, no need any extra DMX decoders. But SPI pixel led strips connec to DMX controller would need an extra DMX-SPI decoder;


What are the advantages of DMX512?

DMX512 is a better protocol  to play our lights than SPI version LED strips. 

The SPI strips, we normally to run via offline controllers like Arduino, K-1000C controllers or K-8000C controllers. 

If we wanna play 3D effects via SPI version strips, it is very hard to run by the current softwares. 


DMX512 RGBW LED strips most advantage is play 3D stage lighting effects. 

Support MADRIX ,MadMapper,Freesstyler,Resolume,Arena,Arkaos, etc the most popular softwares stystems. 


Another one point, DMX512 IC chip signal is parallel which could avoid RGB / RGBW LEDs color influenced by the failure of one light in serial connection that SPI IC chips couldn't.