24CH DMX512/1990 convert PWM decoder

1. Supply voltage: 5V-24VDC

2. Output: 24 channels

3. Support RGB / RGBW LED

4. Static power consumption:

5. Output current: each channel 3A

6.Output power: 12V:

7. 3pin XLR Socket,RJ45 interface


Single ColorRGBRGBW



More Details.

24CH DMX512/1990 convert PWM decoder

  1. This 24CH DMX512  decoder adopts advanced computer control chip, it can receive the international DMX -512 standard digital control signals and converted into PWM controller signal to drive the LED.
  2. It can be controlled by the DMX Console, and can connected with numbers of DMX Decoder to increase the output power to realize all kinds of changing mode.
  3. 24CH DMX512 decoder can be used as the synchronous controller to controlled the LED alone, it can realize the synchronous effects.
  4. This 24CH DMX512 decoder adopt the digital tube to show the address code, and with 3 buttons to setting, make it more easy to used.