32 Channel DMX512 & RDM Decoder

1. Comply with the DMX512 standard protocols.

2. Digital numeric display, set DMX decode start address by buttons.

3. RDM function can realize intercommunication between DMX master and decoder. For example, DMX decoder address can be set by DMX master console.

4.16bit (65536 levels) /8bit (256 levels) grey level selectable.

5. 3A X 32CH, Max 96A.

6. PWM frequency 1.0/2.0/4.0/8.0 KHz selectable.

7. Standard, linear, Logarithmic or custom 0.1-9.9 dimming curve selectable.

8. Support 3 kinds of DMX ports with signal isolation function: 3pin XLR signal ports, RJ-45 DMX signal ports and 3000V optoelectrionic isolation , green ternimal (with signal amplifier function).


Single ColorRGBRGBW