12V 60 Leds DMX512 RGB Addressable Pixel LED Digital Strip

1. Addressable 12V DMX512 RGB 60 Pixels LED Digital Strip

2. DC12V, 10W/M

3. 12mm width White / Black FPCB

4. 3M adhensive tape on backside of non-waterproof strip

5. Support K-1000C/ K-8000C/ YM-501 /DMX512/MADRIX NEBULA,Artnet to control

6.Single DMX512 Signal wire digital control interface A

7. Widely used in entertainment, stage, live performance, Disco Club and TV Show, etc




1 led/pixel





More Details.

1. This strip is Addressable 12V DMX 512 RGB 60 pixels LED digital strips that different with normal SPI led pixel strips.

DMX512 led strips protocl is DMX512 that signal is parallel not series.

2. Its advantage is parallel DMX512 signal could avoid RGB LEDs color influenced by the failure of one light in serial connection.

3. Entire strip has 60 pixels ( 180 channels), 60 pcs RGB leds in a meter with 12mm width pcb board.

4. From the product you can see there are no external DMX512 IC chip, it is the unique integrated DMX512 IC chip inside the 5050 LED, we called 8512. Due to it has 3 channels, named 8512 RGB LED.  

5. Communication between DMX512 led digital strips are synchronized perfectly under support of Artnet / DMX512 led controllers.

6. DMX512 RGB led pixel tape strips DMX address need to be set via DMX address coder / controller.

7. Vivid lighting performance operated by Madrix software, Artnet / DMX512 led controllers.

8. This 12V addressable DMX512 60 led tape is single Signal wire digital control interface A.

9. Addressable 12V DMX512 RGB 60 pixels led strip is flexible , bright, durable and easy for installation.

For bare board strip, you can use the 3M adhensive tape on back; For waterproof silicone tube strip, there shipped with flexible silicon brackets and screws, the brackets fit over the waterproof sheath, it would be used to mount the led strips very well.

10. Widely used in entertainment, stage, live performance, Disco Club and TV Show, etc.

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