GS8208 12V RGB 144Leds pixel led tape

1. GS8208 12V RGB 144 Pixel LED Digital Strip

2. DC12V, 20W/M

3. 12mm width White /Black FPCB

4. Dual signal data, break-point resume function

5. 3M adhesive tape on backside of non-waterproof tape

6. Support Raspberry PI/DMX512 control/MADRIX NEBULA,Artnet

7.Compatiable with SK6813,WS2815 RGB pixel led strip tape









More Details.

Individually address 12V RGB Pixel 144 LED Digital Strip

  1. What an amazing144 pixels individually addressable RGB leds on a flexible PCB that by 12V driver.
  2. We choose the GS8208 RGB LED instead of WS2815 RGB LED to make it. 
  3. GS8208 RGB LED provide double signal data input as redundant control, which ensures the transmission of the signal if any single chip damages. 
  4. This 12V addressable RGB 144 pixels led strip is SPI signal.Compared to the tranditional 5V addressable RGB led strips, there are differences below we should clearly..
    • Dual-signal SPI could avoid RGB LEDs color influenced by the failure of one light in serial connection.
    • It is Individually address to control by 12V driver. 
    • 8bit SPI signal, with 12-bit built-in gamma correction.
    • Previous GS8208 LED version have demo inside that no need controller. The latest GS8208 RGB led version is without demo inside.
    • With high PWM rate allows for filming these pixels with cameras up to 260fps which is much higher than the WS2815 series that only 60fps.
    • Redundant data line reduces chance of entire strip failure.
    • The integrated GS8208 RGB LED chips are wired internally in series, so for each channel output current is same with the current output per LED that is appromately 10mA.
  5. There are 30-60-90-144 pixels GS8208 led strips to choose.
  6. Widely used in entertainment, stage,live performance like 3D effects and TV shows, etc. 
  7. Vivid lighting performance operated by Arduino, Raspberry Pi , Madrix software, Artnet / DMX512 /MADRIX NEBULA.
  8. 12V GS8208 RGB 144 pixels led tape is offered in both waterproof and non-waterproof versions allowing for both indoor and outdoor applications.


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