Sk6812 4020 RGB Pixel Led Strip 144 pixels/M

1. Addressable Digital side emitting RGB 144 Pixel led strip

2. DC5V, 34W/M

3. 10mm width White /Black FPCB

4. sk6812 4020 144 pixels/m

5. 2pin / 3pin JST-SM connector

6. 3M adhesive tape on backside of non-waterproof tape

7. Support K-1000C/ K-8000C/ YM-501 /DMX512 control/MADRIX NEBULA,Artnet

8.Compatiable with ws2811,WS2812b RGB pixel led strip tape









More Details.

  1. What we known the famous 144 pixels addressable led pixel tapes are mainly for the Top emitting digital leds like SK6812/SK9822 5050,SK6812 3535 even SK6812 2020 RGB LEDs. There comes out individually address side emitting sk6812 4020 144 pixels led strips finally.
  2. SK6812 4020 side emitting LEDs shines parallel with the PCB that distribute the light towards ourself, with light emitting at 90 degrees, it is different with the regular SK6812 144 pixels LED strip which is direct the beam vertical to the mounting surface that LEDs facing top and shining straight up from the PCB.
  3. These SK6812 4020 side emitting RGB pixel led strips are fun, glowy and you can control each SK6812 4020 side view LED individually. 
  4. This SK6812 4020 side emitting 144 pixels RGB LED strip is made of  “split” LED, it is side emitting color with 4.0x2.0mm.  Lit up these are insanely bright and can be controlled with 8-bit PWM per channel. Great for adding lots of colorful to your project.
  5. SK6812 4020 144 pixels led strips have high PWM rate 1.20KHZ allows for filming the pixels with 37fps appromately,
  6. Compared to other SK6812 (RGBW) series LEDs, SK6812 side 4020 LEDs has 4 pin even it’s quite thin size, and the Pins are almost covered by the LED’s body, it’s hard to replace LED if any of broken, so cut the unit 4020 LED on PCB will be a better option. 
  7. There not only sk6812 side 4020 144 pixels RGB led strip, but also have 60-90-120 pixels sk6812 4020 rgb led strips to choose. 
  8. By emitting this SK6812 4020 series side vemitting pixel led strip from the side you can mount the LED on an edge that creates a unique lighting. 
  9. One of the popular uses for this addressable digital SK6812 4020 side emitting pixel led strip is in or around a car headlight mimicking the Audi style LED headlight look or other brand car headlight that make the car headlight gorgeous.

addressable digital side emitting rgb pixel led strip

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