360 degree 3D Pixel DMX512 RGBW LED Stage tube Light

1. 360 degree 3D Pixel DMX512 RGBW LED Stage tube Light

2. DC24V, 46W/M

3. 40mm diameter milky white / black tube

4. 144pcs RGBW LEDs plus 24 pcs DMX512 IC chip

5. Double sides PCB leds,achieve 360 degrees emitting and without shadow.

6. There is ringbolt for wire vertical hanging at the end of the tube.

7. Support H803TV /YM-501 /DMX512,Artnet /MADRIX to control

8. Widely used in entertainment, stage, live performance, event launch decoration, concerts and other occasions, etc




6 led/pixel





More Details.

360 degree 3D Pixel DMX512 RGB LED Stage tube Light

  1. This 360 degree 3D Pixel DMX512 RGBW LED Stage tube Light mainly feature is 360° emitting, soft、silky smooth luminous lighting peformance.
  2. With Milky white or black PC material that have good peformance transmittance that you couldn't see any dots.
  3. The RGBW leds are on the double sided PCB, so can achieve 360 degrees emitting.
  4. Entire one meter strip has 24 pixels ( 96 channels), 144 pcs RGBW leds inside.
  5. At the ends of the 360 degree led digital tube, there is ringbolt for wire vertical hanging. Except this silver ringbolt, black ringbolt is available.
  6. Regarding the 360 degrees led digital tube, there not only 40mm diameter version, but also have 30mm, 50mm even 80mm diameter.
  7. For the end of this round pixel led tube, not only have this ringbolt for wire vertial hanging, but also multi-fuction springs at the ends of the tube that can be connected via the golfball joint to creat variable shapes . 
  8. This 360 degrees led digital pixel tube, not only have this DMX512 RGBW version, but also have the WS2811 RGB, UCS2904 RGBW even DMX512 RGB multi versions digital led tubes for different projects.
  9. Normally the 360 degree 3D led stage tube is IP54 for indoor. If you need the IP version for outdoor, please send us an inquiry. 
  10. This DMX512 RGBW IC chip is 485 TTL signal with A,B digital control interface. 
  11. DMX512 RGBW led pixel tape strips DMX address need to be set via DMX address coder / controller.
  12. When use our DMX address writer to mark the DMX addresses, no matter input end of strip or output end of strip, you can connect it to the DMX address writer to write the DMX512 address successfully.
  13. Widely used in entertainment, stage,live performance like 3D effects, event launch decoration, concerts and other occasions, etc.