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12v addressable rgb led digital strip

In 2013 year, there is a new product named WS2812b LED made a big splash in the whole LED chip market. It is the ws2811 IC chip integrated in 5050 package to take the place of external ws2811 IC plus 5050 LED. Just the Vf is around 3.7-5.0V. 

Use the ws2812b led to make the led strips that are all individually address controlled. Before ws2812b, there no any LEDs which can make addressable RGB led strips with 144 pixels per meter. 

Then SK6812,APA102C,SK9822 ,etc which all 5V LEDs have sprung up. 

Safe,low voltage 5V. Addressable digital RGB, easy to make program.many advantages on this led strips that customers love to use.

Over the years the development of LED package technology, 12V integraged RGB 5050 LED come out. 

12V integragted RGB leds have two signal wire which has breakpoint continuous transmission that ws2812b / sk6812/sk9822 LEDs do not have. 

12V integraged RGB leds to make the led strips, are individually address too. 

It has higher brightness, less voltage drop than the 5V addressable RGB led strips. 

For the 12V addressable RGB led strips, we only choose the GS8208 RGB LED, why we not choose the WS2815 RGB LED ? Follow us please,

12V WS2815 originates from 5V WS2813 LED. They all adopt the built-in design of resistance and capacitor, Individually addressable, breakpoint continuous transmission.
12V GS8208 adopts similar design of WS2815. and has the function of breakpoint continuous transmission,
12V Individually addressable RGB LED strip. But there is no resistance and capacitor inside GS8208 LED. When design PCB circuit, it is better to design capacitors and resistors externally with product reliability higher than WS2815.

By the way, we found the WS2815  have not strong ability to resist electromagnetic wave interference when we put mobile phone next to the ws2815 led strips aging. 

For the 12V addressable RGB LED strips, we have 30-60-90-144 pixels/m to choose. 

To choose 5V addressable RGB LED strips or 12V addressable RGB LED strips, based on your requirements to choose which one is most suiatable. 

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