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Addressable 12V DMX512 RGBW LED tape– The unique integrated DMX512 LED

Addressable 12V DMX512 RGBW LED tape– The unique integrated DMX512 LED


As we known, the first integrated RGB LED is the APA102C RGB LED from APA company, but the most popular all around the world is WS2812b RGB LED.

Integrated the IC chip into 5050 LED that make LED products no need the room to put the external components like IC chip.

From our view, the integrated RGB / RGBW led makes the LED products to produce, installation easily. That’s why ws2812b RGB LED surprised us a lot and captured the hearts of customers soon which is still popular since 2014 year.

However, with the popularity of the integrated LED, following different problems come out.

  • Traditional integrated RGB / RGBW LED is 5V output, like ws2812b , sk6812 rgbw ones, the pixels led strips are 5V working voltage.
  • The assemble process of integrated LED is different, bulk qty of recycled assemble materials are chosed to assemble.
  • Integrated RGB LED mainly is SPI version at the present stage. Manufacture , transportation, installation, the bending, dragging are unavoidable which may cause the signal transmission when finish the installation.


Based on the above problems, we develop the integrated 12V RGB LED named GS8208 RGB LED in 2018 year. After test whole one year, we start to produce the addressable 12V RGB GS8208 RGB LED strips, this series led pixel tapes you can find in our web.

Actually, when the ws2812b / sk6812 LED start to popular, there are lots of customers suggested if we could develop the integrated DMX 512 version to avoid the pixel LEDs color influenced by the failure of one light in serial connection.


After one year work hard by all the colleagues and assemble partners, we launched the inner-envelop DMX512 RGB LED named 8512 RGB LED.

Its specs is DC12V input, DMX512 signal with single data A.

Features for 8512 : 

  • 12V power supply voltage with 7805 module inside.
  • Default 15mA constant current output, 11mA minimum.
  • Use extended DMX512 transmission protocol, parallel data frequency 250k-500k Hz.
  • 8bits data transfer, 16bits build-in GAMMA correction.
  • GAMMA2.2/GAMMA2.5 curve built-in chip.
  • Built-in PWM technology, supports up to 12K Hz PWM refresh rate.
  • Shut down PWM outputs automatically with no data input.

Followed by the 8512 produce successfully,  the integrated DMX512 4 channels with external white LED come out too, we called GS8512 RGBW LED.

This 8512 LEDs we can make the addressable 12V DMX 512 RGB led pixel tapes and addressable 12V DMX512 RGBW led digital strips.

As I noted above, this 8512 LED is single Data A.

Smart DMX512 IC chip assembled into 5050 RGB LED with standard signal interface A,B ,I think will come out in near future.

GS8512 series LED, same with other DMX512 IC we offer, do not forget to write the DMX address ready before play fantastic color changing.

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