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As we known, there are DMX RGB led strips, even have the RGBW pixel led tapes. But did you see DMX RGBW led tapes/ rigid bar ?

In March, we deveolped DMX512 RGBW LED Pixel tapes. DC24V 60 leds/m on 10mm PCB.

From the image, when you saw this product, you thought was only single DMX512 signal  ? Actually, this is standard DMX512 485 signal with A and B.

Becuse we use SM16512 DMX chip with SOP10 instead of SM16511 with SOP8.

Of course, need a DMX address coder tool to write the DMX address before the DMX RGBW led strips working.

RGBA LEDs are available to make it.

Not only make 10mm width 4 channels DMX RGBW led strip, but also make 12mm width DMX RGBW led tape like following picture.

If you have your pixel products on your mind, welcome to contact us freely.

Best regards from Art LED Team