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Higher brightness addressable RGBW pixel led tape

When you chose the sk6812 RGBW led tapes, did you find the brightness is a little dimmer which not suitable for the projects that have brightness requirements? 

Why sk6812 rgbw brightness is not too bright, because the LED has integrated IC chip that has constant current which is only 20mA. 

Based on this, we develop the external IC chip ( UCS2904 ) to make the addressable RGBW led pixel tape that signal is extremly 95% same with the sk6812 rgbw ones. 

After test, this UCS2904 RGBW 60 pixels led tape brightness is nearly 30% higher than the sk6812 rgbw 60 pixels

There is another advantage of the addressable UCS2904 RGBW led tape, the easiest case is the LED , it is most stable compared to the sk6812 rgbw leds. 

If you have any ideas, tell us freely. 

All the best

Art LED Team