Mini TTL SPI Digital Pixel Signal Amplifier Booster

1. SPI signal LED pixel RGB RGBW LED strips signal amplifier booster.

2. Support 3 channel RGB IC like WS2811/UCS1903/UCS2903/SK6812,etc.

3. Support 4 channel RGB IC like UCS2904/SM16704/UCS8904/TM1814,etc.

4. Suport 50m length maximum signal booster.

5. DC5V-24V working voltage.

6. IP20 or IP68.





More Details.

Mini TTL SPI Digital Pixel Signal Amplifier Booster

  1. This Mini TTL-SPI LED pixel signal amplifier booster for LED digital tapes when the pixels signal is too weak to flicker.
  • Usually manifested as the length between the controller and 1st pixels is too long that first pixel leds couldn't play programs in the controller. 
  • Or the length between two pixels too long that pixel leds are flicker couldn't play color changing correctly. 
  1. This mini LED pixel signal amplifier is for 50m length between two pixels which the pixels start to flicker. 
  2. The LED digital signal booster working voltage is same with the led pixel strips working voltage. 
  3. And the LED digital signal amplifier booster is enhance signal which is not amplifier the signal to be more channels. 
  4. Support mullitple IC chips like WS2811, UCS2904, SK6812,etc. 
  5. If you need more than 50m length led pixel signal amplifier booster, the SP902E led digita signal amplifier booster is more suitable. 
  6. It can be IP20 , IP65 and IP68 to choose.