APA102C SK9822 144 LEDs Digital White Pixel Tape

1. Addressable APA102C SK9822 Digital White led strip

2. DC5V, 34W/m

3. 12mm wide White / Black PCB

4. 3pin / 4pin JST-SM connector

5. Warm white 3000K, Neutral White 4500K, Blue White 6500K White CCT are available to choose

6. APA102C SK9822 Digital White led strip has double signal wire ,CLOCK and DATA

7. 3M adhensive tape on backside of non-waterproof strip

8. Support SD controller,Arduino,Glediator,DMX512,Artnet, MADRIX NEBULA


Single Color


1 led/pixel





More Details.

1.We’ve all seen the cool RGB LED strips where each LED can be addressed .

But for some special projects, clients need to choose the LED strips could be programmable white. so, we developed this digital white led and produced this new strip,addressable programmable white led strip 144 leds/m.

2. This addressable white led strip allows you to individually control all 144 super white LEDs on a bare board even waterproof, self-adhesive strip.

3. APA102C uses a standard SPI interface for control (with separate data and clock signals) and has no specific timing requirements, making it much easier to control

4. Each 5m addressable controllable white strip comes with 0.1″ spaed 3 / 4-pin JST-SM connecotrs( +5v, CLOCK, DAT, GND) and 2-pin power cables.

5. This addressable programmable white led strip led strip change white colors via Arduino, DMX controller, sd card controllers like T1000s, T-300K, even the Raspberry Pi,MADRIX NEBULA.

6. Not only addressable white led strip, but also have addressable Red/ Green/ Yellow/ Blue , etc

7. For the brightness, the 12V addressable white led strip is much higher thant this APA102C SK9822 white led strips

8. There is a little dark point ( IC chip) in integrated SK9822 White / SK6812 White, so, integrated white LED like SK9822 white,SK6812 white color emitting is not uniform luminescence compared to our addressable 12V white 60 pixel led tape.

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