High Brightness 12V Addressable RGB 60Leds Pixel LED tape

1. High Brightness 12V addressable RGB 60 Pixel LED Strip

2. DC12V, 14.4W/M

3. 10mm width White /Black FPCB

4. Double signal wire, break-point resume function

5. 3M adhesive tape on backside of non-waterproof tape

6. Support K-1000C/BC-216/ YM-501 /DMX512 control/MADRIX NEBULA,Artnet

7.Compatiable with SK6813,WS2815 RGB pixel led strip tape




1 led/pixel





More Details.

1. This 12V addressable RGB 60 Pixel LED Digital Strip is made of external IC chip named GS8208B which is different any addressable 5V RGB led pixel strips like sk6812/ws2812b or ws2813. The protocol is compatible with UCS1903 ones.

2.You can think this 12V individually address GS8208 RGB 60 LED strip is the updated version of sk6812, ws2812b.

3. There are integrated GS8208 version individually addressable 12V 30 - 144 pxiels to choose too. 

4. Compared to the brightness, this external 12V addressable RGB led strip have higher brightness than the integrated 12V addressable RGB led strip.  Why we say this. This external GS8208 IC output is around 15mA, the integrated gs8208 LED is only around 10mA. 

5. GS8208B IC have gamma correction that is 12-bit built-in gamma correction from 8-bit makes dimming curves more smooth.  .

6. Why 2 data signal? it is for led strip one led is broken , another data still can work ,unless 2 next led Two successive LED is broken then the led strip can not working . This GS8208 addressable 12V can make the led strip one is broken will not affect another led working.

7. There are two version for this GS8208 version IC. Normally we choose the GS8208B that without demo inside. 

8. Widely used in entertainment, stage, live performance, Disco Club and TV Show, etc

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