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Addressable 5-in-1 RGB CCT RGBWW tunable white led pixel tape

As we known, the 5-in-1 RGBWW RGBTW LED was developed at the end of 2017 year that interested the whole market. 

5-in-1 RGBWW LED is updated version our tranditional 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs which conbine warm white and cold white led together that you can get more white color CCT via tunable.

Most important is, there not only white CCT to choose, you can customized any colors you wanna get, like Amber, yellow, UV,etc. 

For the 5-in-1 led strips, normally is analog ones without IC chip in before. 

Like our 24V analog RGBWW led tapes

Now, we make this addressable digital 5-in-1 RGB CCT RGBTW led tapes in 2020 year, we choose the 6-CH IC chip to make it individually address to control. 

Currently the density is 30 pixels on 12mm width are on mass production.

The 60 pixels addressable RGB CCT RGBWW led tape is available to offer.

If you have any ideas, tell us freely. 

All the best

Art LED Team